natletwrimo by gina sekelsky studio April starts tomorrow and that means it's once again time for the National Letter-Writing Month challenge: pledge to write one letter everyday for the whole month of April.  Thirty letters! How could you possibly fit that in? I'm right there with you. There's my daughter's grad party to plan, and finding (or making!) a dress for my niece's wedding, more substitute teaching, and a little thing called paying the bills. But I think if I commit to it, really commit to it, I can find a few minutes each day to write a letter. Or at least a note! Last year on my birthday, I thought, I should write a thoughtful letter to each of my siblings before I turn fifty. (That probably doesn't sound like much to you unless, like me, you have seven siblings.) So here's my chance to actually follow through! While I'm in Chicago this week, I'm on the lookout for some inspiring new stationery. To sweeten the deal, I'll host weekly giveaways here on the blog and introduce some new items in my shop to make it easier for you to participate in the challenge. To stay in the loop for the giveaways, just leave a comment on this post & check the box that says Notify me of new posts by email. Then you'll be first to know when I post a new giveaway (and more importantly, a new giveaway winner!). Need even more inspiration? Check out the write_on campaign and the Letter Writers Alliance.
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7 Responses to 2016 National Letter-Writing Month

  1. Allison Bell says:

    What a great idea! I’ve just started writing letters again and this is the perfect challenge to keep me motivated…especially when there’s nothing fun arriving in my mail box!

  2. Mary says:

    This will inspire me!

  3. Lisa says:

    Have fun in Chicago Sis!

  4. Mairead says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this since I signed up for the Write_On campaign starter kit a few weeks ago.

  5. Jayne friedman says:

    Enjoy your time in Chicago. I live here and would have enjoyed meeting you if you would have had time. I am up for the challenge. What a great way to practice my handwriting and send personal greetings.

  6. Deanna H says:

    Yea for letters! The world needs to be giving and receiving more handwritten letters. 🙂

  7. I’m so grateful for your reminders about National Letter Writing Month each year, dear Gina! I’ve always been passionate about writing letters. ♥ So, I’ve gathered lots of my pretty, garden-themed stationery and created some special handmade cards, too. What fun! Today is the 7th, and I have mailed off five special letters so far. (Must buy more stamps!) I’m finding time to write by staying away from my computer a bit!

    Hope you had a wonderful Spring Break in Chicago! Wish we had Springtime weather while you were in town. Our weather has been SO crazy! Snowflakes are falling as I write… Thanks again for a great challenge! ♡

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