I hope your new year is off to an excellent start! At Lettergirl, I'm still adjusting to the physical and emotional constraints of having a "day job." I realized recently that I've been referring to juggling a bit too often, and is that what I really want my life to be? Racing from one thing to the next? Taking long walks (even in the bitter Minnesota cold), I've been dwelling on how to work with what I've got. Then a path was revealed to me when I wasn't even looking. During a brief [online] conversation with a longtime customer and friend, the word balance almost jumped off the screen at me. I've always thought the idea of balance was a bit on the weak side: doesn't everyone seek balance? Isn't that a given? Something within that moment allowed me to see it with new eyes--and new resolve. If I want balance, maybe I have to go after it with a club. (Thank you, Angela!) What will balance mean for me in 2018? I'm going to sit with it, listen to it, stare it down. I'm thinking work-work balance, stay in-go out balance, me-us balance. Stay tuned.   Gina
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  1. Pam Hopf says:

    From my almost-70 perch, you’re right on. Thinking the most important thing in balance is to slow down…

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