Hello! And welcome to my new site! gina sekelsky studioI grew up in northern Wisconsin in a big family with lots of brothers and one sister.  Although my siblings now live all over the country, I get to look forward to our family reunions when we meet in a new place every other year, with kids and even grandkids in tow.  (Last year was Colorado.)  We’ve all done different things with our careers; I’m the “creative” one. I now make my home in Minneapolis, Minnesota -- a city I love dearly and encourage you to visit.  (Theaters! Restaurants! Parks!)  My husband, Peter, and I have two children we think are pretty awesome, and we love to travel to national parks around the country.  My daughter has celiac disease (as do a number of my extended family) so I occasionally like to publish gluten free recipes on my bloggina sekelsky family at yellowstone My life as a professional artist/designer began in 1992, the first year I created wedding invitations for a paycheck instead of a free meal.  I called my business Dreamland, because I spend so much time daydreaming/imagining/musing.   For the next ten years, I wrote & addressed hundreds of custom wedding designs for couples here in Minnesota,  then spread out & sold my work in a handful of boutique stationers across the US.  (Does anyone remember the old Kate’s Paperie in SoHo?)  In 2008, I launched my etsy shop, lettergirl, and now I get to make things for people all over the world. gina sekelsky st paul studioLast summer I moved to a new studio in St. Paul, with lovely wood floors, brick walls, a high ceiling & tall windows.  I'm a big fan of daily rituals:  most days I bring a thermos of tea with me to the studio, and I like to get an early start (easier said than done during the school year).  Sometimes it gets a little lonely here, so I open the studio once a month to show new work and visit. Twenty-one years in business and I still love handwriting every day.  I recently changed my business name to Gina Sekelsky Studio so that I can embrace all the things I am creating these days:  workshops & ebooks, handstitched clothes & home accessories, and even graduation announcements (for kids who were babies when I met them…designing their birth announcements). No matter what I am working on, I try to be intentional about the resources I use and the lifespan of what I'm creating.  My hope is that I can continue to make stuff that serves a purpose, is beautiful to look at & well crafted to last. You can read more about me in my interview with Natalie Chanin here.