Does anyone else feel like they are slinking into 2016? I don't seem to have my usual zest for planning. Maybe it's because my studio being such a mess is distracting, or maybe it's because when I tried to have my first January retreat on Tuesday, every coffee shop I stopped at was full. Full! I never feel motivated till I've got a plan, and a plan requires pen, paper, and the right space for daydreaming. (I eventually went to the library on Tuesday, but by then it was almost lunch time.) Rather than being locked into one calendar day, I like to think the new year starts in January...which gives me a whole month to get my act together. I did get started resolution-making back in December, when I got the materials for my Daily Journal. And even farther back, in August, when I celebrated my birthday and looked to the year ahead (my last in my 40's). And maybe I just need a few days to relax after the hectic holiday retail season. (Why is it that relaxing never ends up as part of my plan?) stitching recap 03 by gina sekelsky studio No matter what, I always want stitching to be a part of the year ahead. Here's a peek at some of my favorite projects from 2015. (Above, the TFIOS skirt I made for my daughter.) light gray stitching by gina sekelsky studio A shirt for me. Still not sold on the color (a pale grey) on me. Might be turquoise the next time you see it. upcycled shirt by gina sekelsky studio 03 black tee by gina sekelsky studio 02 My two favorite up-cycles: both are made from t-shirts purchased at Goodwill, cut up, and stitched back together. vest by gina sekelsky studio 02 A vest for the girl. Still looking for buttons! alphabet skirt 02 by gina sekelsky studio My Alphabet Skirt. I put pockets on the skirts I made for my daughter last year, but didn't get around to putting pockets on my own skirts till this fall. My new obsession. polka dot skirt by gina sekelsky studio Almost forgot my polka dot skirt. (I haven't worn it since summer. Now I think it's missing a pocket!) Congratulations to Heather, winner of the Quote of the Month giveaway: I returned to work this past year after a 10+ year sabbatical to be home full time with the kids. My job is flexible, I work from home (with our dogs as my only colleagues) and it feels great to be back at it again in a manageable position with work I enjoy. Proud of myself…and grateful. Heather, contact me for details about the subscription:  hello AT {ginasekelsky} dot com. And thanks to everyone for entering!
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  1. congrats to heather….but that polka dot skirt….oh my goodness i swoon!!!

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