It's the last day to enter my Quote of the Month giveaway! Details below. Of all the things I'm proud of from 2015, I have to confess that being creatively prolific is pretty high on the list.  I started the year with a goal to connect to my work, take pride in it, relish that I get to do what I love everyday.  And here's what happened: cocktail set by lettergirl on etsy I finally finished my Cocktail of the Month set. (Thanks for the photo, Susan!) I put it on a metal book ring so that it a) fits over a bottle and b) can be reorganized to start with any month. (I'll be using them for birthday gifts all year long.) 2016 planner by lettergirl on etsy 01 I created my first planner...and then my second planner.  Each time I learn a little more about the process. Already looking forward to round three this summer! fridge calendar by lettergirl on etsy I got tired/bored/annoyed with making a new calendar sheet for our fridge every month, so I made my 2016 calendar all at once...and made it available for download too. ('s on sale now.) ballroom dancing word cloud by gina sekelsky studio I made about a dozen custom word clouds in 2015, including this lovely dancing couple for a 40th Anniversary gift.  (Also hearts, a hotel, a birdhouse, and mountains.) I always love custom projects, so give me a shout if you have an idea. There’s still time to enter my Quote of the Month Giveaway. Just tell me what you’re really, authentically, honestly proud of from 2015 in the comments on this post (or any post in the Best of 2015 series) and you’ll be entered to win a one year subscription to my 2016 Quote of the Month Club or 2016 Quote of the Month Club: Faith. Enter by tonight; winner will be announced here on the blog on January 8th. (When you comment, check the box to receive blog posts via email, then you won’t miss the announcement that you’ve won!)