Thank you so very much for your thoughtful entries in the giveaway. I'm grateful for your honesty and honored that you would all share such wonderful moments from your year. Go you! countdown to love your letters by lettergirl on etsy One of the things I'm most proud of from 2015 is producing not one but two new PDF-based workshops: Love Your Letters 2.0 and Love Your Letters Challenge.  Years ago I made everything by hand, writing out wedding invitations in black ink and using white-out if I made a mistake. I really had no idea how much I would love scanning my writing and digitally manipulating it. These workshops are the best of both worlds: I get to use modern technology (fun!) to encourage you to continue writing the old-fashioned way (still my favorite!). I also had a ball teaching four sessions of Handwritten locally with my pals Christine and Wendy. Anyone who takes the workshops (online or local) is invited to be part of a private Facebook group for ongoing support and inspiration. This year I'm writing a new Daily Journal (similar to my 2014 Daily Journal, but simpler) and I'll be posting some of the pages here on the blog, and more tips and prompts on the Facebook page. Daily practice = daily improvement. Want to make 2016 the year of your best handwriting ever? Both workshops are now on sale for only twenty bucks each. (That's about as low as they'll ever be, people.) Ends January 15th. DJ cover by gina sekelsky studio Here's a peek at my new Daily Journal. (Wait, you can't start your own journal until you've got a nifty title page? I've got you covered: a free bookplate download is included with either workshop while they're on sale. See, I really do want you to join in this project!) DJ info by gina sekelsky studio And here's the brand of journal I bought. Because some of you are going to ask...and I thought ahead this time. 🙂 DJ tools by gina sekelsky studio And here are the tools I'll be using: my favorite Uniball pens (since they stopped making my other favorite), a few watercolor pencils (most of mine are Derwent), and a mechanical pencil. I'm not planning on doing much sketching or pre-planning of the pages, but I know that at some point during the year, I might want to. So I've got all my writing tools together in a pencil case, ready and waiting. DJ 001 by gina sekelsky studio Ta da! Page one. There's still time to enter my Quote of the Month Giveaway. Just tell me what you're really, authentically, honestly proud of from 2015 in the comments on this post (or any post in the Best of 2015 series) and you’ll be entered to win a one year subscription to my 2016 Quote of the Month Club or 2016 Quote of the Month Club: Faith. Enter by January 7th; winner will be announced here on the blog on January 8th. (When you comment, check the box to receive blog posts via email, then you won’t miss the announcement that you’ve won!)
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5 Responses to Best of 2015, part three

  1. Catherine says:

    What a beautiful start to the year. I would love to win a quote of the month club subscription.. I’m proud that I lost 65 pounds in 2015 (35 to go). Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for putting the visual of your new journal! I am working on revising my journaling plan – I am proud to say I will becoming a stay-at-home mother of three at the end of the month and hoping to journal more.

  3. Megan says:

    I’m proud of myself for finishing graduate school and officially having worked for 6 months!

  4. Susan says:

    I am proud that I completed a handwoven and embellished commission prior to the deadline which brought the comissionee to tears upon the first viewing.
    I am proud that I had the courage to gift myself of a 2 week workshop at Penland School of Crafts which, in spite of my physical limitations, gave me new knowledge, new friends and a new appreciation of the value of my work.
    I am proud that I have been able to be present to my children and grand children on many levels.
    I am proud that my urge to create and to encourage others to create is alive and effective.
    I am grateful for these gifts.

  5. Lynne says:

    Gina, I’m so proud that I took your Love Your Letters online class!! Your work is inspiring! Please invite me to join your Facebook page as a class alumnae! 🙂

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