holiday cards by gina sekelsky studio It's no secret that one of my favorite parts of the holiday season is creating custom cards for the dozen-or-so families I work with each year. I used to approach it thinking of the challenge—I mean, I've designed cards for some of these families for over fifteen years! How can I possibly make something new each year? I finally figured out that our history together is a blessing, that in all that time we've come to really know each other: I know what they're looking for, and they know they can trust me to find the right message. Plus, I get lots of company in the studio from October to December! What are you really, authentically, honestly proud of from 2015? Tell me one thing in the comments on this post (or any post in the Best of 2015 series) and you’ll be entered to win a one year subscription to my 2016 Quote of the Month Club or 2016 Quote of the Month Club: Faith. Enter by January 7th; winner will be announced here on the blog on January 8th. (When you comment, check the box to receive blog posts via email, then you won’t miss the announcement that you’ve won!)
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4 Responses to Best of 2015, part two

  1. Susan says:

    I have truly grown as a person. Not in a tangible way, but as a person growing spiritually, in an adult manner a I have evolved.

  2. Your custom cards are truly beautiful, Gina! Wishing you a lovely start into the New Year! ♡

  3. Allison Bell says:

    I’m really proud of stretching myself creatively. I’ve tried new things (zentangles, lettering, and drawing) and learned new skills with known crafts (lace knitting, cables, and socks). Looking forward to 2016 to continue expanding my horizons!

  4. Kate S says:

    I am proud of the projects I completed this year. I am a terrible procrastinator, but this year I finished a photo book gift for the grandparents, read more books than I have in a few years, got Christmas cards created and mailed before Christmas, and made a better practice of responding to emails quickly rather than letting them languish in my inbox!

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