How many favorite projects can I possibly have? books detail 02 by gina sekelsky studio This is an ongoing project that I spend about an hour on each year (yes, one hour per year). I need to mention (again) that a driving force with me is not overcreating. There are so many people in this world, so many stories, so much stuff...I consciously make a point of restraining myself when it comes to making stuff. Maybe someday I will change my mind. Maybe someone will convince me that it's okay. But in the meantime, I try to use my time & resources in the most meaningful ways I can. This book takes very little of both. books 2001+2002 by gina sekelsky studiobooks 2003+2004 by gina sekelsky studiobooks 2005+2006 by gina sekelsky studio I've been a reader as long as I can remember. What I can't always remember are the books I read. I tend to read slowly, thoughtfully, visualizing every detail. I usually read about 20 books a year. (Did you know Kate diCamillo reads over 300 books a year? Yikes!) At some point I decided to keep track of the books I read & which are my favorites -- I used to think that was in the hope that someday my kids will want to read what I've read. (J is already a voracious reader, so I look forward to the day she discovers this album.)  But looking over these pages (13 years worth, so far) and reminiscing, I know the book is as much for me as it is for them. books 2007 by gina sekelsky studiobooks 2008 02 by gina sekelsky studiobooks 2009books 2010 by gina sekelsky studiobooks 2011 by gina sekelsky studioThese Best of the (old) Blog posts sure are jam-packed.  But I couldn't leave out any of these photos -- again, as much for me as for you -- a perfect opportunity to reflect on how my visual style has changed over the years (and how it hasn't).  As an artist, I have had times where I've gotten hung up on the idea of having a "body of work" that really represents me.  Writing my Best of the Blog posts and gathering items for my Trunk Show have helped me acknowledge that I do in fact have a recognizable body of work. books detail 01 by gina sekelsky studiobooks 2012 detail by gina sekelsky studioAnother thing that's changed over the years is who I am reading for/to.  When I started the album in 2000, all the books were ones I had read on my own.  A few years later, I added chapter books I was reading to J; then when F was a little older, I kept track of our family books too.  Now I read with F (sweet, sweet time), the family, and on my own -- and occasionally listen to audiobooks while I'm working.   And I love to record which books were my favorites that year.  As I get older, I put down books that aren't resonating with me and start something else -- even if I've invested 100 pages or more.  (State of Wonder, anyone? Should I bother finishing it?) As always, I love to hear what others have been reading too.  For my birthday, my sister got me subscriptions to two book reviews -- The New York Times Book Review and Book Page.  I love to curl up with a good review!
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