birthday card by gina sekelsky studioAbout once a week or so, I’ll be revisiting favorite content (yours and mine) from the old blog.  Here is one of my favorite ideas: Last weekend, I turned 47.  47!  When I turned 40, I celebrated by choosing 40 people and thanking them for being a part of my first 40 years: for inspiring me, believing in me, forgiving me, laughing with me.  When I put my list together, I had more than a few extra names.  What a blessing to have known Ann, Chris, Lisa, Eric & Dar, Katherine....  I tracked down friends from grade school, friends who've moved away.  Remembering each one was the best birthday gift ever.  (And if you didn't receive a card, it was obviously lost in the mail.)  I saved one card on a scrapbook page in our family album: birthday page by gina sekelsky studio Now that I'm getting closer to 50 (50!), I've been thinking about how to celebrate that milestone too.  This time I'm thinking something active:  hiking down the Grand Canyon, or a bike ride somewhere neat-o.  Any suggestions?
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  1. Beverly says:

    A birthday ending in zero definitely deserves a “stretching your comfort zone” kind of celebration. When I turned 40, I vowed to do something each month (for that year) that I’d never done before. Little did I know how life changing this could be. Many great things came into my life because of it, including my husband!

  2. CJ says:

    I’ve always fancied Machu Picchu, but the Grand Canyon sounds amazing too. I cycled from southwest England down to Morocco in my early 20s, and that was fantastic, so I would highly recommend a bike trip. You have plenty of time to plan!

  3. Destiny says:

    I knew that I wanted to acknowledge/celebrate my 50th birthday (On July 1st of this year.) in a special way, but when I did a little research on-line, all I could find was “I’m doing this for me…” “My 50th birthday bucket list is…” ideas and I knew that wasn’t for me. So … I came up with a personal twist on that idea – I named 2013 “The Year of Fifty Blessings.” I decided that I would bless, in word or action, fifty different families or people. (I’ve already committed more than seventy kind acts or deeds and it’s only September!) I have kept a journal of what I’ve done and it’s been oh-so sweet to reflect on. And … it allows me to celebrate my birthday every time I do something nice for someone else.

    I hope your 50th is as memorable as mine, Gina!

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