I'm hoping to give you a glimpse into Studio Yearbook One each week until it's published (or at least an update on my progress).   This week, a few photos from the book: studio yearbook one 01 by gina sekelsky studio studio yearbook one 02 by gina sekelsky studio studio yearbook one 03 by gina sekelsky studioNext week I'll share details of my Kickstarter campaign.  Putting a book together while doing all my regular work has stretched my time out pretty thin.  Contributions to my campaign will help me hire the professionals I need to wrap this project up -- and, of course, I'll make it worth your while with unique rewards.  Your comments and emails are just as appreciated -- I need all those virtual pats on the back here in the home stretch!  
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5 Responses to Book Update #1.

  1. Jill says:

    Wow! Go Gina!

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