kickstarter gina sekelsky studioI am one happy camper this morning:  I've just launched my first Kickstarter campaign! When I first heard about Kickstarter, I thought: what a great concept...I wonder if I will ever try it?  Well here I am, trying it and loving it.  As a solo artist, I often have ideas that are too big to undertake on my own (though I do like to think I can do everything myself -- more on that in the book).  Kickstarter is the platform that lets me say: I'm going to make this dream a reality, and if you help me, I'll give you some really neat stuff. Here's the thing about crowdfunding on Kickstarter:  I only get the financial support if I meet my goal.  My goal is $2000; half of this will be used to cover the cost of the rewards themselves and the other half will cover the cost of hiring help with editing, proofreading, publicity, and administration in the studio.  I'm already 25% there, thanks to a few early bird supporters. Sharing my campaign on social media is also a great way to help : there are social share buttons under the video here.  And I'm grateful for everyone who has written to say they're as excited about this book as I am -- your kind words lift me up and push me forward!
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3 Responses to Book Update #2: My Kickstarter Campaign!

  1. Susan says:

    Morning! So excited for your kick starter campaign! Tell me – if we do the $45 donation – do we get the book and calendar& postcard or are those all desperate pledges? Always adore your work and am thankful for the inspiration!

    • gina says:

      Susan, I think you have already figured this out, but here goes: each reward is independent of the others. (So the book reward is only the book.) However…if I get close to a milestone, like 50 backers, I may just add an extra little reward in there for everyone. (Any ideas?) Thanks so much for supporting my project!

  2. Susan F. says:

    I hadn’t yet but just did! I ended up getting the book bundle. I’ve followed your work for years, and actually won a stamp from you for my husband and my first home address (years ago) as newlyweds. Although the address is obsolete, I love the stamp all the same. I admire the art you can create with you hands and find you truly inspirational!

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