cm 06 by gina sekelsky studioA key part of my embracing the big picture is connecting the past, present, and future in my personal creative projects. When sewing garments, I’m trying more and more to think in terms of creating heirlooms. This might mean a dress I make for Juliet can be saved for her daughter, or something I make for myself might be strong enough to last for many years, or it might mean a bit of the fabric can be saved for another project (like a scrap quilt or applique). When keeping a scrapbook, this means I use the pages as a way to supplement the oral tradition. I intentionally don’t include every story of my kids’ childhoods: some I save for those times when they ask to be told a story about themselves, and some I write down and tuck behind pages in their albums, to be found as a little surprise later. I also think their own memories are valuable and unique; I don’t want to make every moment larger than life. And I love the details that others share too: their dad, grandparents, siblings, etc. So many points of view. Sure, some things fall between the cracks, but there’s plenty left to sustain us. When quilting, the last thing I do is stitch a quilt tag to the back of the quilt. I sure wish I had one on the quilt made by my mom’s great aunt. (I think it was my mom’s great aunt. See what I mean?)
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