cm 04 by gina sekelsky studio I want to be a steward with my gifts. As Amelia once reminded me on the old blog, gifts are given through us not to us. I believe it’s up to me to find a way to honor my life by using my gifts. Not hiding them under a bushel. Not hoarding them for myself. Doesn’t that sound easy? Use your gifts, contribute to the community, be happy. But then again, I’ve already admitted that I’m an over-thinker. Add to that the working day-in, day-out as an artist in our culture, which is anything but easy. (I’ve been at it for nearly 22 years now!) So many second thoughts, not the least of which is (for me): Am I doing right by all I’ve been given in this life? Since I originally wrote my manifesto in 2010, I’ve come to realize that the simple work I do allows me to bring beautiful purpose to thousands of lives — if only on a very small scale. That keeps me going.
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