cm 05 by gina sekelsky studioMy greatest inspiration is the work of other artists, reinterpreted Gina-style. When I see something created by another artist that resonates with me, I love nothing more than to take a walk and ruminate on it.  Not copy it (boring! and does that ever really work anyway?), but let someone else's work be the trigger for my own work.  (Yesterday I had an awesome visit with my friend Mel, who has traveled everywhere.  I wonder if my work would be more directly informed from what I see -- nature, cities, little, big -- if I traveled more? Or if rediscovering is my own take on creating, no matter where I am?) While I can simply admire what some artists create, others inspire me more directly. A few of my greatest sources of inspiration, past and present: Natalie Chanin Denyse Schmidt Lisa Congdon Jim Harrison Chuck Close Ali Edwards Rebecca Sower India Flint Then there are all the books, blogs, pictures, and quotations that inspire me: something I read in the newspaper, an interview on public radio, a project on the cover of a magazine.  Start here, and who knows where I'll go.  (Maybe this is my own version of travel?) On the flip side is the danger of “waiting for inspiration;” i.e., not starting a project because you’re waiting for the time/materials/idea to be just right. That’s not usually my issue, I tend to jump right in, but just to be on the safe side I used to have a quote by Chuck Close written above my desk: Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.  
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