word cloud sale by gina sekelsky studio Summer is the best time for custom work. My etsy shop slows down a bit, the frenzy of back-to-school and holiday prep is a distant blip on the radar, and I indulge in a relaxing long weekend just about every weekend. All of which gives me time and mental space for creative work when I'm here in the studio. And you know that collaborating is my favorite creative work. I've been creating custom word clouds to commemorate anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations for quite a few years now, but I never thought to have a "sale" until this very week. So bring it on! Gifts don't get more personalized than this, friends. Or you could treat yourself, like Rebecca did for her 40th birthday in the lower right of this photo: word clouds by gina sekelsky studio Prices start at $60 for a simple rectangle with about a dozen phrases (like the Kiki example, above) and average $125-225 for a custom shape. Give me a shout to discuss your project or learn a little more.
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