DJP 45 detail by gina sekelsky studioI did it!  I recorded one little memory from every day in 2014.  As always happens during December, I got sidetracked from the blog with holiday orders (and, of course, my book).  So here's a recap of the final pages: DJP 44 by gina sekelsky studio DJP 45 by gina sekelsky studio DJP 46 detail by gina sekelsky studio I wrote a full page for a single day three times in the journal.  I used the same banner motif for all three, and because I was copying it, I accidentally wrote "Saturday" for the second entry (which was really a Thursday), and "November" for the third (even though it was clearly December).  Whoopsie! DJP 47 by gina sekelsky studio DJP 48 by gina sekelsky studio DJP 48 detail by gina sekelsky studio Here's a day that could have used it's very own page.  My first copies of Studio Yearbook One arrived.  Wahoo!! DJP 49 by gina sekelsky studio One thing that really speaks to me about the content of this book is the way it supports my belief that ordinary days really are the best.  Yes, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were fun and meaningful, but it's the simple acts of every other little day that really make my life.  I'm looking forward to settling in with a cup of tea and reading this baby from beginning to end.  Someday soon. Meanwhile, my first newsletter of the new year comes out tomorrow -- with big news about the blog, a sneak peek inside my book, and a free download to get your year off on the right foot.  Sign up here!  
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4 Responses to Daily Journal Project, pages 44-49.

  1. Martha says:

    Always so inspiring! Gina, I know you have posted this before, but what journal do you use? Thanks.

  2. Dawn says:

    Completely amazing, Gina!! You are such an inspiration! Wishing you a wonderful New Year. Imagine the possibilities! ♡

  3. Tracy says:

    Just beautiful. And inspiring. And making me wish I wasn’t stuck in an office all day with less than ideal office supplies!!!

  4. Cheryl Daddo says:

    Very creative way to journal.

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