DJP 25 by gina sekelsky studioI need to post an incomplete page this week, because I'm saving room for Friday. Since I started my journal, I have often been asked if I plan out the pages ahead of time.  As someone who is a list-writer and organizer, I do feel more comfortable when I start a page with a game plan.  However, I like to strike a balance between having a plan and leaving room for spontaneity. This week is a great example of the type of planning I'm talking about -- I had an idea to draw the uneven lines, and to vary my lettering within those lines during the week, but that's about as far as I take my planning with an average page.  June 17th was a funny day where the barista gave me a fully caffeinated latte and my whole day became so jam-packed that I wanted my journal entry to reflect that.  (See how much I squished in one little space? That was my day.) Some pages require a little more planning -- like the road trip page or the texting page.  For those, I jotted notes in the moment, then sketched the entire page at once. The key for me with this project (and a lot of my work, frankly) is to keep moving forward.  I have made "mistakes" on these pages but give myself permission to move on.  I'm really not going to tear a page out and redo it.  (For this week's page, I accidentally made the little light rail train drawing blue, when the new line is green.  Colored pencil doesn't erase well...but it erased well enough.) The same goes for the materials I use; I prefer colored pencils, but if I can't remember where I left my box, I just use whatever is closest to hand (my kids' colored pencils or watercolor markers or in a pinch, markers from the kids' leftover school supplies).  On the flip side -- I am picky about my pen and won't start writing unless I've got the right one. Have a great weekend, friends!
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