QUOTE why by gina sekelsky studio Today's quote is in bright color, because...why not?  My original intent was to provide quotes that would work for you in a variety of ways (print on colored paper, add to digital scrapbook layouts, play with Photoshop), and mostly that means keeping them neutral.  But yesterday's quote left me feeling a little bland.  So today, color! Download today’s quote by clicking on this link:  September Quote 15 Today’s free download is three pages: my terms of use (which explain what you can & can’t do with this free artwork), a 3×4 card and a 4×6 card, both in grey/orange/green. Both sizes have a strip along the bottom with my copyright. Feel free to trim that off if it works better for your project. 2015 early bird holiday sale by lettergirl on etsy Once the school year is underway and I'm back to my regular daily schedule (or my new & improved daily schedule), I start preparing for Christmas.  (Did I really just say that? Out loud?) Every year I knock the price down on my personalized stamps for a limited time so you can get a jump on your gift giving. (Seriously, who doesn't like crossing a few items off their list in September?)  It makes things so much easier for me later on, when all heck breaks loose here in the studio between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So I'm doing us both a favor: three stamps for one low price for you (up to $39 off) and the possibility of holiday sanity for me. Win-win!
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