QUOTE blessed by gina sekelsky studio I am going quote CRAZY over here, folks.  You know how it is when you start something, let's say...playing ping pong, and you think you might get bored if you do it every day, but what really happens is you just want to play ping pong even more?  That's what's going on in the studio with my quote-writing (and at home...with ping pong). I'm working on the free quotes for September and the quotes for my 2016 desk calendar and the monthly subscriptions to my Quote of the Month Club.  In fact, I have some other work I could be doing...but I just want to work on quotes all day. I'm in the zone! Today's quote is one that I've used on cards off and on over the years, and I decided to build a new set around it with a thank you theme.  Now in the shop, with free domestic shipping through the end of the month! thank you set by lettergirl on etsy 01 I always keep a stash of pretty thank you cards on hand.  Anything I can do to make tasks like that easier and more fun to accomplish, sign me up. Download today’s quote (top photo) by clicking on this link: September Quote 18 Purchase the new card set here. Today’s free download is three pages: my terms of use (which explain what you can & can’t do with this free artwork), a brown and white 3×4 card and a brown and white 4×6 card. Both sizes have a strip along the bottom with my copyright. Feel free to trim that off if it works better for your project.
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  1. Quote crazy is a wonderful thing, Gina! 🙂 Another gem of wisdom! I have loved collecting quotes all my life. I have little journals filled with these words of wisdom, and love to include them in my handmade cards. LOVE your pretty Thank You cards! ♡

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