QUOTE perfection by gina sekelsky studio You may remember that during the Summer Reading Program, I recommended an inspiring book called The Little Spark by Carrie Bloomston.  I had only read a few chapters when I first mentioned it, but now I've read it backwards and forwards and I can tell you that it's bursting with spirit and joy.  I liked it so much, in fact, that I reached out to Carrie and we collaborated on my 2016 calendar! 2016 calendar by lettergirl on etsy 04 For the past five years, I've created a desk calendar combining my playful lettering and thoughtful quotations.  This year, all of the quotations are taken from The Little Spark.  It's increasingly important to me to support others in their creative efforts, and I'm proud to use my calendar to reinforce Carrie's message. 2016 calendar by lettergirl on etsy 03 What resonated with me the most about Carrie's words were that although the book is subtitled "30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity," she is really speaking to everyone—not just creative artsy types.  She keeps it simple, tells it like it is, encourages you...and you feel like she has your back.  Pure awesomeness. 2016 calendar by lettergirl on etsy 02 (And coincidentally, I had picked the theme of "Shine Your Light" for my 2016 Quote of the Month Club before I read The Little Spark!  Stay tuned for details about that later this month.) Download today’s quote by clicking on this link: September Quote 22 Today’s free download is three pages: my terms of use (which explain what you can & can’t do with this free artwork), a black and white 3×4 card and a black and white 4×6 card. Both sizes have a strip along the bottom with my copyright. Feel free to trim that off if it works better for your project. Inspired by Carrie's words as much as me?  Purchase the calendar here.  (Please note, calendars will ship the first full week in October. As always, I'm printing a limited edition and they typically sell out by mid-December.) Want to learn from Carrie firsthand?  She's leading a retreat weekend in November that looks amazing.  Get the details here.
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  1. A perfect quote for me! Heartfelt thanks, Gina, for recommending ‘The Spark.’ I’m really looking forward to reading it! Your new calendar is a lovely way to celebrate the message of this book throughout the whole year! ♡

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