QUOTE now by gina sekelsky studio Today's quote is from one of the best books I read this summer:  Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin.  I wanted to take advantage of the fresh start I knew I'd feel when my son started high school (80 minutes earlier than middle school!), and Gretchen's newest book helped me get ready.  My favorite part?  Gretchen recommends knowing your hard-wired "tendency" in order to approach change with the right toolbox in hand.  I'm never satisfied with quizzes like that, because I can never be sure if I'm answering a) as I really am, b) as I think I am, or c) as I wish to be.  So I took a shortcut and asked my (tell-it-to-me-straight) teenage daughter. Let's just say she thought the answer was obvious.  (For those of you who prefer a picture, here's a link to when I first posted about the book.) Download today’s quote by clicking on this link: September Quote 09 Today’s free download is three pages: my terms of use (which explain what you can & can’t do with this free artwork), a black & white 3×4 card, and a black & white 4×6 card. Both sizes have a strip along the bottom with my copyright. Feel free to trim that off if it works better for your project. special delivery stamp by lettergirl on etsy 01Just in case back-to-school time makes you feel like reaching out to a pen pal, I've got you covered.  Three pretty little stamps in the shop to adorn your envelopes:  Happy Mail, Special Delivery, and Deliver To (my favorite). deliver to stamp by lettergirl on etsy  
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  1. Susan says:

    After reading your comments, I put Better Than Before on my reading list. I haven’t finished the Happiness Project yet – should I finish it first or are they un-related? Love all you do!

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