with gratitude by gina sekelsky studio   I like to think of Thanksgiving as more than just one day: it's a day to stop and be thankful, certainly -- especially in the midst of what is, for me, the most hectic time of year for my business.  But it also heralds the start of the whole season of goodwill, and I'm reminded to be grateful every day (and again, especially during my "busy season" when it would be so easy to overlook gratitude as not so essential on my to-do list). To get the ball rolling, I'd like to give away one subscription to my 2014 Quote of the Month Club.quote of the month 2014 by lettergirl on etsy Leave a comment here or on one of my facebook posts and I'll enter your name in the giveaway.  Tell me who you'd like to connect with over the holidays. Pin an image from this post to Pinterest and you'll get an extra entry -- tag me on Pinterest or leave an extra comment here. Enter any time through Monday, December 9th & I'll draw a winner on Tuesday, the 10th.  (Be sure to check back here on the blog to find out if you're the winner!)
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19 Responses to Gratitude Giveaway : : Ends Monday, December 9th

  1. Monnah says:

    Your work is always wonderful!

  2. G says:

    I am so looking forward to having my little family together again to renew our connections that have been stressed with distance and also to finding restful time to spend with friends, the family of my heart, over the holidays.

  3. Brenda says:

    I would love to either connect with my dad or my best friend from childhood Heather – I haven’t seen her in years – we’ve always missed each other whenever I come home to visit (1000+ miles away) – last time I saw her was at my mother’s funeral – not the best time to reunite. I truly miss Heather.

  4. Dawn says:

    I am looking forward to connecting with special friends that I taught with until my retirement. They will come for a Christmas Tea. Can’t wait to honor their hard work in their classrooms and all of the ways they help their students grow! The holidays are the perfect time to share love, friendship, and joy in Christmas cards for family and friends. Thank you for celebrating this season of connections! ♡ Dawn Y.

  5. Justine says:

    I cannot wait to reunite with my six best friends from high school. Over the years, our paths have taken us all over the country, but we talk every day and somehow grow closer every year. We spend all year waiting for the holidays, when we finally see each other again. More than anyone, they remind me to be grateful, and, to paraphrase Walt Whitman, “to be with those you love is enough.” Happy holidays!

  6. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my Mom. My job has taken over my life for the last several months and I’ve been out of circulation because of it. On Thanksgiving I was only able to give my Mom quick, five-minute call. Now that the job stuff is settling down, I’m looking forward to a long FaceTime session with her. She’s getting older and isn’t very healthy – I want to enjoy every minute I have with her. Especially during the holidays!

  7. melissa l. j. says:

    I’d love to connect with my parents… they are aging and I do not want to miss any of the precious time we have together. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  8. Janean Jolly says:

    Gina, your work is incredible. I’m one that appreciates creative handwriting, I have artistic handwriting, and came across your work on etsy. Beautiful!
    I’d love to re-connect with my very best friend of 40 years. She and I have been best friends since the first day of kindergarten. Life has been exceptionally busy for both of us and it’s been many months since I’ve spoken with her. I plan to connect with her during the holidays. I miss her and she is one of the very best people I’ve ever known.
    Happy holidays to you!

    • gina says:

      I have known one of my best friends since kindergarten too, Janean — 42 years now — and you posted your comment on her birthday. 🙂 We keep in touch by having a weekly “phone date.” Even though we both get very busy with our work (and at different times of year), we manage to talk once a week. (It used to be every Tuesday at lunchtime, but now it’s usually after the kids are on the bus & before I head over to my studio.) It has made a huge difference in our relationship, just knowing the little details of each other’s lives that we would otherwise miss. Maybe you should offer that as a holiday gift for your friend!

  9. Janean Jolly says:

    Pinned it too 🙂

  10. Kristen says:

    I’d like to connect with some friends from long ago.

  11. Deanna H says:

    I would love to connect with all the awesome bloggers that I don’t know personally, but I love reading their blogs (like yours) in some really fun and free gathering where we all sit around and visit and get to know the real face behind the blog and eat delicious food and…
    Since that won’t be happening, I’d like to connect with my friends from back home because I haven’t seen them in ages.
    Happy Holidays to you!

  12. Rachel Greenhouse says:

    Over the holidays, my in-laws are coming to stay! We’ll have fun doing all sorts of indoorsy activities–games like cards + Scrabble + jigsaw puzzles–and outdoorsy stuff too–skiing and skating and walks in the snow–and then we’ll go see the Sweet Colleens on New Years Eve. With your quotation of the month club win, I would really enjoy sending this to my mother. She lives in Charlotte and I only see her a couple of times a year. I’d love to have something that would go to her every single month, so that she could know that I’m thinking of her. xo

  13. Michael says:

    I just had a great connection Saturday with a dear friend from middle and high school who flew in from Portland! It was an amazing 24 hours of deep conversation and soul sharing. One of those friends that you can go years without seeing (which we did) and pick up where you left off with no small talk. Thanks for promoting connection! Off to pin! 🙂

  14. mandy says:

    I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my siblings. unfortunately, the older we get, the further we drift apart as our lives get busier. this Christmas should be an awesome opportunity to spend time with them and make memories together! 🙂

  15. Milissa Link says:

    I’ll be connecting with my awesome husband who has been through so much on his healing journey. Thanks for asking, Gina!

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