gina sekelsky studio hat 01A few years ago I stitched my first skull cap, then another, then another.  Start one on Sunday and you can easily have it finished the next weekend. gina sekelsky studio hat 02As much as I adore Alabama Chanin, the hat they offer is a "bucket hat" that fits like, well, a bucket.  I like a hat that's a bit more fitted (but I can't stand a hat that's tight, either).  I made my first hat generally based on one by Amy Butler, but in the five hats since then, I'm proud of making it my own. gina sekelsky studio hat 04I start by cutting out the six hat pieces, then paint them individually to make sure I get a nice random (intentionally random?) pattern on each.  The fun comes after all six pieces are stitched and I get to put them together like a puzzle. Mokuba elastic ribbon is a must for the binding. gina sekelsky studio hat 03I sold the red hat right away, and I'm planning to give the grey one to a friend.  But I genuinely enjoy making maybe you'll find them in my shop one day.  Or a kit to make your own?
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2 Responses to Handstitched hats.

  1. amelia says:

    I want to make one! a kit for these would be very very cool.

  2. Beverly says:

    Love your creativity Gina! I would love to try a kit someday 🙂 looks like a fun project!!

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