It wasn't so long ago that I would write a blog post right after Christmas, summing up my favorite work of the season. (And here it is January 2nd already. Does this mean I'll be behind all year?  Or that I'll be taking pleasure in relaxing?)  Here are five of my favorite bits from the last month, with five more to follow (tomorrow?): peace and love by gina sekelsky studioCustom holiday cards: I love designing cards for this family every year.  It's a challenge to create something fresh each Christmas, but easy with such a gorgeous photo to inspire me!  (And Kurt colored all those leaves by hand.) teacher cards by gina sekelsky studioTeacher notecards:  Lots of notecard orders this year and honestly, I've never enjoyed it more.  These are sets for teachers, but look for another batch of everyday notecards in part two of my holiday review. quotes by gina sekelsky studioQuote of the Month Club:  This was the final card in the 2013 series, A Year of Gratitude.  The 2014 club, A Year of Connection, begins next week.  Can't wait to get started! Return address stamps by gina sekelsky studioReturn address my own mailbox:  I like to save up all the cards to open on Christmas Day, so I can relax and read them all at once.  Seeing them in a big stack made me realize how many of our friends & family use lettergirl return address stamps! pink holiday card by gina sekelsky studioAnd more custom holiday cards:  Karen loves to keep the focus on the photo (and really, could this family be any more darling?).  They even chose one of my favorite quotes for this year's cards:  Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year (Ralph Waldo Emerson).
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3 Responses to Holiday in Review.

  1. CJ says:

    You have been busy! As always your work is incredibly beautiful. I do wish people did holiday cards over here, it would be lovely to receive photos of everyone. Wishing you a very happy and successful 2014 Gina. CJ xx

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