You now have the option to follow my blog via email -- I didn't have that set up when I switched from my old blog to this one, but as of today, we're good to go.  (I think!)  When you leave a comment on this post, you'll have the option to have future posts sent directly to you so you don't have to check back here to see what's new.  (There's a little checkbox below the box where you leave your comment.)  I'd love for you to keep me company!
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7 Responses to How to follow me via email.

  1. Carol1one says:

    I love what I have read so far! I have always loved amazing quotes, beautiful writing, and am having fun with Alabama Chanin. My first was the onesie and baby blanket for my granddaughter due in August! Then a scarf I put together. Can’t wait to try my hand at writing onto a project for reverse applique. So many possibilities! Thanks for the beautiful examples…

  2. Deanna H says:

    Following the talented Gina by email…of course!!!

  3. laura says:

    thank you for rocking the letters.

  4. Emma Hall says:

    I have loved reading some of your blog entries. Also love your journal ideas. Im new to scrapbooking and journaling but am really enjoying it.

  5. delwyn says:

    yes please gina

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