For 2015, I'm hoping to try something new with my blog.  I'd like to post weekly, gathering all the creative parts of my life together in one spot: what I'm making, what I'm reading, what I hope inspires you. one little word stamp by gina sekelsky studio Did you get the free planner page download in my newsletter last week?  I made a daily sheet to go along with it.  As a mom, my day is often portioned out based on my kids' schedules.  (And making lunches is a big part of my morning, so I have a special area just for that.  When I know in advance what they'll be having, my day runs smoother.)  I've been filling this out before I go to sleep, then I have a plan when I wake up. Last Friday, my new "connect" stamp came in the mail and I used it right away to mark the parts of my day where I'm connecting with others.  After years and years of working alone, I've realized how important it is for me to include other voices in my day.  This year I'm making a conscious choice to connect with others.  In fact, connect is my One Little Word for 2015. If you're focusing on a word this year, you can get a stamp for yourself here. brother of the more famous jack I just started reading Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido and I love the narrator already.  In college I was enamored with Brit Lit (well written, but accessible Brit Lit) after I spent a semester in London.  This book takes me back.  I'm hoping to connect with a few friends who are also reading it, later this winter.  (See how easy that was?) quote of the month by lettergirl on etsy I don't usually include my Quote of the Month pieces here on the blog (I like that they're a surprise, just for the folks in the club), but I love this one so much that I couldn't wait to share it.  (You could even say I'm trying to connect more with my work.  So far, so good.)  If you're already signed up for the Quote of the Month Club, this is en route to you right now (in a pretty envelope to boot).  This year's theme is Everyday Inspiration and I'm super excited to share some of my favorite quotes with you. stencil pocket by gina sekelsky studio I am late to the Instagram party, but I'm here now and loving it!  This is a pocket for a skirt I'm stitching up for Miss J, shared on Instagram while the paint was still wet. Also on my mind this week is the editor of my book, Studio Yearbook One.  Diane was so helpful with my grammar and punctuation, with helping me say what I really wanted to say, and with keeping me on track.  She's having a tough time right now with her health, so I wanted to ask that if you pray or focus on good vibes or meditate, please send a little love her way.  Thank you.
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5 Responses to In the studio, week one.

  1. i love that you love brit lit…ME TOO!!!! i want to read about quaint cottages and pretty scenery lol! i got the prettiest book for xmas by susan branch called a fine romance…it’s her travel log through the english countryside…sketchbook style…it’s just too pretty. i HATED when i finished it. is this jack book a good one? love your new blog ideas! ~s

    • gina says:

      Thanks, Sharon. I used to be a big Susan Branch fan back in the day but haven’t looked at her work in years, I’ll check that one out. The book I’m reading is a coming of age story, written about 30 years ago I think. Charming. I’m only about a third of the way in so I can’t say yet whether it’s a “great” book, but I look forward to reading it at night, so that’s something!

  2. Carol Millhollan says:

    I was looking back through your blog to early 2014. The journal book you used took your ink and colors so nicely. I would love to know what kind of book it is. What type paper, weight, etc. I would love to do a project similar to this, but not sure where to start. Thanks! C

    • gina says:

      Carol, My journal was by Holbein and I picked it up at a local art store (though I bet you could find that brand online). The paper is lovely! It’s a little larger than 8-1/2 x 11, the texture is not quite smooth and not quite pebbly, maybe about 65# cover weight or little less (so, heavier than a sheet of paper but not as heavy as card stock). I have more details about the book & supplies in Studio Yearbook One. Best of luck to you!

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