trunk show by gina sekelsky studioToday's the day!  You know how when you've been planning something for months and the day finally arrives and it doesn't feel real?  Yep, that's where I'm at.  I'm really excited to see all my work together, and I hope it is inspiring for those who can make it tonight (and tomorrow). When I first started planning the show, I envisioned lots of samples for sale and just a handful of things on display.  By the end of summer, despite many evenings of stitching, I changed my tune:  lots of items for display and about 10 things for sale.  (But they really are 10 things I love and would be proud for you to have.) The nature of my work has always been custom, whether that was wedding invitations or holiday cards or return address stamps.  I'm happy to continue that with my textile work:  see something I've made in red, but you'd like your size in blue?  Done.  And you can order a kit to sew yourself or have me stitch it for you.  Or just stop at the show to get your creative vibe on, it's all good. Thursday, 6:30-9pm & Friday, Noon - 3pm 2500 University Avenue, No. D6 in St. Paul (That's the southeast corner of Hwy 280 & University, 2nd floor.  Street parking available in front of, behind, and on the side of the building. On Friday, you may need to park on nearby Pelham Avenue.)  
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  1. Linda T says:

    whoo hoooo!!! Can’t wait!

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