summer reading program by gina sekelsky studio It's finally here...the first day to earn a prize for the 2014 Summer Reading Program!  Have you been reading your books all summer?  Writing your mini-reviews?  To participate, all you need to do is send me FIVE mini book reviews.  Please be sure to include the book title & author's name for each book, as well as your own name and mailing address so I can send your prize. This year the prize is an advance set of my September Sticker of the Month: summer reading program prize by gina sekelsky studioThese stickers will not be available in my shop until the week of September 8th.  But you can get yours right after Labor Day by participating in my Summer Reading Program! I accept book lists from August 15-31, with all prizes mailed the week of Labor Day.  Depending on the volume of responses, I also like to compile all the lists into one document to send to the participants as well.  (Last year, there were nearly 100 books on the list, along with personal recommendations -- plenty of ideas to last you through the winter!)  International readers are welcome too. Send your book lists by August 31st to: (or click on Contact at the bottom of this page). I reserve the right to substitute the prize based on the volume of response.  The first 25 participants are guaranteed a set of stickers.  Prizes to be shipped in early September.  Thank you for joining me!
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  1. OK. I tried. Inspired that I need to get my mind into different paths. Perhaps it is not the amount of books but the amount of effort thinking about wanting to read? LOL. Between Mom taxing, house repairs, new wardrobes on the cheap for 2 growing girls and more, Only one: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Totally a chic book, easy to read, flowing, seemingly not very deep but can be in a zen way if you think about following your heart and are similarly encouraged to take action to pursue that in life. Not psychology pop talk. I love autobiography, so appealed to me in that sense – first person. Depiction of Italy and India and culture were entering, even inspiring. Love to hear new book recommendations! PS: Also, Crazy Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. A MUST READ. not what you think…. originally for cancer patients and survivors. Influential humane eating and made super fun!

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