PageLines- kickstarteratginasekelskystudio.jpg Only four hours left to go in my Kickstarter project!  A friend had walked me through running a campaign before I started, and told me to expect some hard work.  (True!)  But I didn't grasp just how motivating your support would be. When I started Studio Yearbook One, I thought, "Now here's a neat idea!"  I love to get big projects organized and I'm not really a procrastinator, so I worked pretty steadily on the content (though many times I've been grateful that I run my own show and can shift my day when inspiration strikes -- or doesn't).  Now that I'm in the editing stage, I realize I'm not as close to finished as I thought I was.  So many choices! So many decisions! What will make this book the best it can be? Whenever I would start to feel discouraged, ta-da! A new backer would appear. Or an email cheering me on.  Collaborative projects are my favorite, and the interaction from my Kickstarter has made this feel more like a group project.  Thank you for all the votes of confidence, and I hope you're as excited about the book as I am!
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