open studio at gina sekelsky studio Open Studio Hours this Tuesday 11am - 2pm Tomorrow will be my last day in Studio D6.  I was so glad to land a new space right next door, a studio with a sink and a cozier vibe, that I didn't really dwell on how I would feel about moving.  I am getting through this week by imagining how I will feel when I'm all settled in. My building is a historic post and beam structure with brick walls, high ceilings and lots of windows. My new space has significantly more ductwork running through it than my current studio and there are more cracks and nicks in the walls and ceiling. The previous tenant was in the space for about seven years, so it hasn't been updated with new paint (or possibly even cleaned).  I have my work cut out for me! Maybe this is how I felt moving into my current studio?  I moved in over the summer (when I wasn't getting ready for the holidays or finishing up a book!), so I had ample time for cleaning and painting and arranging.  My move this week will be down & dirty, with improvements to come in the new year. I would love to hear your ideas for making C1 my best studio yet.  Get a tour on Tuesday during my monthly open studio hours.  (And while you're here...maybe you'd schlep a box over for me?)
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