BOOK train by gina sekelsky studio This week I'm reading the book that "everyone" is reading.  There's the song you hear over and over all summer, the movie that stays in the theater for weeks, the book you spot in every bookstore window. So now I'm reading it...and I'm thinking meh.  I have a feeling if I were on vacation and had hours to read at a time, this would be a great read.  But dipping in and out of it, a dozen pages at a time, it seems tedious rather than compelling.  She drinks, does something stupid, regrets it, drinks again, does something stupid again, regrets it again, drinks again. When is something going to happen? I am halfway through the book, and I'll finish it (of course, I want to know the big secret!), maybe it will even turn out to be satisfying in the end.  I'm going to blame my ennui on the fact that I'm a slow reader! How's your summer reading going?  You've got six days left to send me your reading list for the 2015 Summer Reading Program.  Thanks to everyone who has entered so far! post it wall calendar 02 by gina sekelsky studio My son started high school this week.  (My baby.)  For the last six years, I've had one kid leaving home at 7:30am and the other not till almost 9.  Now we all have to be up and out the door at the same time (shockingly early for the one who slept till 8:15 for the last three years).  I'm taking advantage of the shift in schedule to change my own morning get-ready habits. I used to get up early, work for a half hour, pack a couple of lunches (kid one, husband), then work for another half hour, get myself dressed & ready to go, wake up kid two, have breakfast, pack two more lunches (kid two, me), and roll into the studio about 9:30 with an hour of work under my belt. Last week, I set the stage by packing my things each night before bed.  (I could never do that before, because I always needed stuff for my early morning work).  This week, I'm getting the feel for not doing any work before I get to the studio.  I get up, get myself ready (first, which is weird), pack four lunches, and head out the door at the same time as the rest of my clan.  I'm only three days in, but so far it feels really liberating to just take care of myself and my family in the morning, instead of rushing right into work-mode.  (And, even more, not having to go back and forth between home-focus and work-focus over the course of two hours.)  I feel like I'm launching my day with intention, and it feels good. The calendar above is a riff on my handwritten Bonus Pages; I enlarged them and hung them on the wall with washi tape.  (Note: these large calendar pages are not part of the current bonus set, but if there's any interest, I may add them.) post it wall calendar 01 by gina sekelsky studio I'm using a color-coded post-it note system to keep myself focused and, ideally, keep myself from over-committing.  Post-its allow me to change my mind and move things around.  I have big plans for this system!  But first, I'm going to see if the basic idea works, then move forward. You'll be the first to know!
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One Response to Last week of the 2015 Summer Reading Program!

  1. I love new beginnings! The start of a new school year is the perfect time for your new morning routine, Gina! I love the way you are starting each day with intention. You will be bursting with creative energy when you arrive at the studio. Although I am a retired teacher, I still love this time of new beginnings! New goals and ideas make this time of year so exciting! Cherish every moment! ♡

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