Have you ever taken the StrengthsFinder assessment?  Apparently, two of my top strengths are "input" and "intellection" -- which basically means that I'm a collector of random data and that I like to think things through.  Working as an artist for over 20 years means I've collected a lot in my mental room and that I actually sift and sort and think about all of it.  (Some might say over-think it.) In 2010, I presented my first Creative Manifesto on my original Rich Inner Life blog.  It was born from all those things I say over and over in my head, until it got so crowded in there that I needed to write those thoughts down — distill them into some basic belief statements about my creative efforts, some guiding principles that let me stop dwelling on the why and how and get to work creating. (And maybe leave a little room leftover for remembering other stuff.  Like what that book was about that I read six months ago.)  For 2014, I’ve made some simple revisions to the original six statements, and I’ve added more.  It’s still a work in progress (and the perfect opportunity to not take myself too seriously). These are my own simple truths, but I hope that our philosophies will overlap & that you’ll let me know when they do.  cm 01 by gina sekelsky studio

(my two favorite words in the whole English language)

I love to create.  I like grabbing ideas out of thin air and turning them into something that can be touched or worn or used.  My manifesto starts here, because this statement drives all the rest.  (And because it's so simple, and so true.)  I like making things.  I am most alive when I’m in my creative world — thinking about a new project, planning it, making it, cherishing it (and sending it out into the world or keeping it for myself).  The perfect place to begin: no baggage, no parameters. You can read my original Creative Manifesto here.  Or just stay tuned, as I share the new & improved version over the next two weeks.
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3 Responses to My Creative Manifesto, revisited.

  1. Susan F. says:

    While I’ve never taken the assessment, (googling now to see how to take one), I too am a big collector (thoughts and things, although I’m working on “less” things giving me more for what counts) and an over-thinker. I currently work in an non-creative position and industry, not allowing me to use any of the things I dream of. I look forward to the years ahead when I get to move towards executing the items I’ve recorded in my idea notebook for years and years.

    • gina says:

      The idea of working in a non-creative career (that allows me to make a more consistent living) vs. getting to do my creative thing day in/day out is a theme I’m exploring more this year. Even with my artsy biz, I still leave a lot of ideas untouched!

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