fathers day card by lettergirl on etsyIn trying to find a new quote for this year's Father's Day card, I was dumbfounded by all the discouraging quotes about dads.  The bulk of them seemed to be about fathers who weren't there or didn't do enough when they were. So if you have some uplifting quotations about fathers, it would lighten my heart if you'd send them my way!
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  1. Mel says:

    Catching up on your blog this a.m. and LOVE what I’m reading. And now I can picture you working away with the sunny space, white brick, old industrial feel…..! This is my favorite quote about fathers – and it’s probably too long for an art piece but I’ll share it anyway: “Every now & then a child would drift by and ask Zach in hushed tones, “Is that your Dad?” Each time I wanted to lose 40 pounds on the spot, change into a sporty tennis outfit and flex my muscles to give Zach something to be proud of. But Zach looked right at me, just as I was, and beamed. “He sure is.” ” – Thom Hunter from his book Those not-so-still small voices. I put this into my quote book 3/1995 and still love it. Another of his quotes that I love and have used often, “There is great power in “remember whens…” but you can only use them if you have them.”

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