2016-17 planner by lettergirl on etsy 01 Introducing my newest planner design! I've been giving this layout a test run for the past six months and it's been working swimmingly for me. There's room for your weekly to do list on the left, lots of room for your daily schedule, an inspiring quotation every single week, and extra space to doodle or jot notes. 2016-17 planner by lettergirl on etsy 02 Whenever I think of something I need to accomplish in the future, I turn to the corresponding page in my planner and write it down on the lefthand side. This technique has been a great time management tool for me: when the lines start filling up, I know to tell customers (or friends!) that I'm not available that week & I can look through my planner for a week that's more open. You may remember that on Fridays, I like to have a "Staff Meeting," a little time intentionally set aside for me, my planner, and a cup of tea. Here's what I do with my planner during my weekly meeting: I use the doodle box on the right hand side for what I call "Big Work:" projects that aren't deadline-based, new things I'm working on or longer term projects that I don't want to slip between the cracks. Right now, I'm juggling a lot of new ideas and I write down just ONE task I need to do each week to stay on task. For me what's been working best is to only write this list at the end of the preceding week, that way if I didn't manage to do something, no harm done, I just rewrite the same task the following week. (I've only been trying this the last three weeks...but so far, so good!) 2016-17 planner by lettergirl on etsy 03 Next I write down all of my commitments for the week. Not a lot going on this week, thank you summer! 2016-17 planner by lettergirl on etsy 04 Then I try to fit all the things on the lined list into the days available. I usually try to schedule my days with like-tasks together, administrative stuff one day/crafty stuff another day. Tuesday this week, I grouped all of my client-related creative work together. (I'll have a spring in my step on the way in on Tuesday!)  I was able to fit most of the items from my list onto the first two days of the week, so I stopped there. Now I know I can fit in an oil change later in the week, edits to the custom work I'm starting on Tuesday, and  lunch with a friend on Wednesday. I noted "Hot!" on Thursday and Friday because mid to high 90's are forecast those days and I don't have air conditioning at the studio, so I'll need to plan ahead: work I can either do at home or in my studio neighbor's space. One of my very favorite parts of this design is the little colored box at the bottom of each day. As you can see, I haven't written anything there yet for this week. I use that space for recording my business mileage. That's been really helpful for me, both as a reminder to actually write it down and as a very obvious, consistent location for recording that necessary info. But you could just as easily use this space for something more creative: *a focus before the day begins *appointments or things you absolutely don't want to forget *your dinner plan *a gratitude, remembrance, or highlight at the end of the day The planner runs from August 2016 through 2017, and includes individual planning pages for the months of August 2017-December 2017. You'll also get monthly lists & grids, mini calendars for 2016 & 2017, and a few other inspirational pages for good measure. 2016-17 planner by lettergirl on etsy 05 New this year:  In addition to the downloadable version of the planner, I've printed and bound just ten copies  so you don't have to do anything to get started. Now you can choose what's easiest for you! Both options are the standard 8-1/2 x 11 size that I use, but if you're interested in a smaller version, I hope you'll reach out & let me know. If there's enough interest, I'll set to working on that before the end of the week--since I know I've got some time on Wednesday and Thursday, thanks to my planner. 😉
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