This week's {random} winner is Catherine: My daughter makes loads of rubber band bracelets and other jewelry for me. I buy lots of handknits from Etsy and have several pairs of beautiful mittens–everything made with so much love. I admire all of the hand sewing you do. Let me know which stamp you prefer (Love You or Better Late Than Never)! And thank you all for your comments about my blog and my creative life and how it all intersects. Yes, I love a lot of things, and yes, I want to share them. This past month I started preparing for my 5th annual Summer Reading Program (coming in June). And I'll continue to let you know about new handwritten goods as they're released, as well as what I'm stitching/wearing, making/eating, and dwelling on/planning for. That's me! chicago texts by gina sekelsky studio And this is me too: my 2016 Daily Journal. I'm recording a remembrance from each day in 2016--usually scribbled, often written several days later. (No rules!) For our recent trip to Chicago, I've got several pages that I think will tell our story even better than a description would: a page of texts, a page of all the ways we traveled, a page of landmarks. (Those last two are still in pencil.) I will also admit that I started National Letter-Writing Month with good intentions, but that I didn't get very far. I knew at the outset I had a lot on my plate personally in April (and more was added on top). On the upside, I wrote more letters than I would have if I hadn't tried at all. And I got to be featured in this video about #write_on. So it's all good! This week's giveaway: Even though I copped out, you can still celebrate National Letter-Writing Month with a set of my Handwritten Quotation Stickers: quote stickers by lettergirl on etsy I'll send one lucky winner a set of twenty handwritten stickers. Just leave a comment on this post anytime before Tuesday, May 3rd, telling me about the last time you used your handwriting. (Grocery list? Birthday card? Presidential primary?) I'll choose a winner at random & announce in my Wednesday blog post. Best of luck to all of you!
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9 Responses to NLWM Giveaway No. 3

  1. KarYn A. says:

    I use my handwriting daily – today I made labels for some computers. Thanks!

  2. Darlene Dech says:

    I made a list of what’s blooming in the garden. Next, is to write to my mother-in-law, to let her know I’m thinking of her.

    So often when I write, I fight against my hand tremors. Recently, I tried to slow down and I actually visualized your work to help me make more fluid movements. I had a positive result.

  3. amelia says:

    I have been commenting on the last round of student progress report memos for the semester. not the funnest handwriting thing, but it’s done now, so that is a cause for celebration, at least!

  4. Such a nice video! I’ve been writing lots of letters this month. Rather than one each day, my cards and letters seem to be mailed off in small batches. It has been such fun to reach for pretty, garden-themed stationery to send Springtime thoughts across the miles!

    Recently I hand-lettered books for my mom and dad sharing my favorite childhood memories. Just hand delivered them last week while visiting my parents in Arizona. They were thrilled with their early Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts! ♡

  5. Jude says:

    I was just sitting here writing out my errand list and grocery store list! Every time someone tells me “You know, you can do that online, on your phone, in evernote….” All I hear is “blah, blah, blah.” I love lists. And Paper. And Pens of any sort.

  6. Suzanne says:

    I hand write often from to-do lists & grocery lists, to greeting cards & post cards. Now I’m sending Mother’s day cards to the special mother’s in my life. Your hand lettering is such an inspiration!

  7. Marne says:

    Making lists in my planner, organizing, and writing plans for our summer road trip are my current writings. I’m trying to write more and would live to start practicing the art of lettering! Thank you!

  8. Susan says:

    Packing up my desk making last minute notes on my last day of work

  9. Michele says:

    Several birthday cards and graduation cards.

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