open studio at gina sekelsky studioOpen Studio Hours today from 11am - 2pm Just what exactly are Open Studio Hours, you ask?  I used to host open hours twice a week at my old studio so that potential customers would be able to come in and look through my custom work without needing to set up an appointment (or feel an obligation).  Times have changed, and I mostly work solo day in/day out.  Now I have Open Studio Hours once a month  just to change the energy a bit in my space.  It's a big sunny room and I want to share it! gina sekelsky studio worktable 01 I do have a few odds & ends for sale -- stickers, quotes, greeting cards.  I have an album of stamp designs you could look through.  And you could see new things I'm working on -- yesterday I finished a custom 8x10 quote for an etsy customer that I just love. Or, you could bring your lunch and sit at my big worktable and keep me company.  (Susanna is coming grateful for her guidance, in architecture & motherhood!)  You could even bring a little work to do and stay longer.  Just make sure it's analog work -- my wifi is still down. gina sekelsky studio worktable 03 I'm planning to continue having my open hours the last Tuesday of every month.  So if you can't make it this month, or next month, I know you'll get here sooner or later.  And I would love to see you!
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