chagall quote by gina sekelsky studioI cut a version of this quote out of the newspaper years ago -- it's hanging on the bulletin board above my desk, yellowed with age, where I can (technically) see it everyday.  Only I don't see it, I forget about it.  You can buy your own pdf of this week's quote here.

When I first gave up teaching for art, I was overwhelmed with the duty I was leaving behind.  Teaching is so important, such an obvious contribution to the community.  And art?  Well I knew "everyone needs beauty as well as bread," it's just a lot harder to put my finger on why.  (For a creative girl, I can get pretty linear.)  I'm not so obsessed with it these days, I keep putting one foot in front of the other -- and suddenly 21 years go by. This quote sums it up for me.  I reread it last week, felt like I was reading it for the first time.  It's a simple message that I'm grateful to revisit.  Which brings me to the Artistic Challenge I mentioned in my last post.  If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know that I left most of the walls in my studio bare, because I love that feeling of possibility/calm/clean slate.  But in an effort to put more "gina" in my space, I'm hoping to fill one entire wall with "gina" -- anything that strikes my fancy, but mostly quotes (that I'll share with you).  I had considered making this a weekly challenge, but it really needs to be ongoing for me (especially after a week like this one). studio wall And last, next week is giveaway week!  Starting Monday, I'll have a giveaway here on the blog every day:  stamps, stamps, and more stamps.  Some new!  And a special bonus giveaway I'll tell you about on Tuesday.  Happy weekend!
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  1. chel says:

    I love the idea of that studio wall. Gracie has done that with the spot above her desk, in a way. It changes over time- she curates it carefully. My part of the studio walls are all covered in shelves and things, but maybe I can find a little spot for things that really resonate with me!

  2. […] in detailed photographs for a month.  But I can never seem to sustain an idea once I have it (see wall art challenge).  I have so many “requirements” to be successful: I need to enjoy the process but […]

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