skirt in progress 02 by gina sekelsky studio This is the year for sharing things I'm in the middle of.  A few weeks ago I posted photos of a hand-stitched applique skirt I had started; here's part 2. skirt in progress 01 by gina sekelsky studioThis is the front of the skirt with just a little bit more to trim in the lower left.  The main part of the skirt (the under layer) is in two pieces, which I stitched together before adding the appliqué.  I wanted to give the illusion of a bias cut, without bothering to cut the entire thing on the bias.  (For non-sewers, that just means cutting the fabric so the grain is at a diagonal; that gives beautiful drape. But I don't always have enough fabric on hand to do it right!)  After I finished the appliqué, I went back to the diagonal seam and added a row of top-stitching in a contrasting color. skirt in progress 03 by gina sekelsky studioTalk about not having enough fabric on hand.... The front of the skirt started as two complete layers of fabric; I trimmed around the appliqué pieces so that the top layer somewhat disappears.  On the back side, I didn't have a large enough piece of knit left to do an entire top layer, so I had to piece the lower 1/4 of the skirt.  You can also just barely see that I gave the darts on the back the same treatment as the diagonal seam on the front (contrasting top-stitching). skirt in progress 04 by gina sekelsky studioNext I'll finish cutting around these shapes so that the back looks just like the front.  I love having a project I can fit into the nooks and crannies of the day!
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