I'm taking a break from my Creative Manifesto today to share a work in progress.  I recently did another closet evaluation, and realized that I wear skirts for 3/4 of the year, so not a bad idea to make more.  And following my trunk show last year, and stitching gifts through the early winter, it had been awhile since I'd stitched something for myself -- just enough time, in fact, that I was anxious to get a project underway. skirt 01 by gina sekelsky studioFirst step:  make a new stencil.  I've always admired the really detailed stencils by Alabama Chanin.  I've played around with my own designs, but am still working on getting the balance right (negative/positive; big/little; fat/thin).  I didn't quite hit the mark on this one either. skirt 02 by gina sekelsky studioFor this skirt, I'm using two layers of cotton (scraps from other projects), with the stencil design covering the outermost layer. skirt 03 by gina sekelsky studioNot sure I "love" the color, but the scraps were there at the same time as my motivation.  There's a lot to be said for striking while the iron's hot.  (The color in the photos below is more accurate.  It's a brownish/greyish/taupe-y color.  That I can wear with anything. Right?) skirt 04 by gina sekelsky studioOnce I started stitching, I didn't like the thickness of the longer stems.  I've revised the stencil (twice) and will be cutting out that portion and replacing it with two thinner stems.  Unfortunately, I stenciled the back side of the skirt after I made my first alteration in the design (but before the second), so I'll need to replace it there too. skirt 05 by gina sekelsky studioI'm also using a backstitch, where I typically use a running stitch (which has spaces between the stitches).  Backstitch is a stronger stitch, making it possible to use a weaker thread -- in this case, embroidery floss.  I used a contrasting color floss for the circles. After I finish the stitching, I'll carefully cut around the outside of each shape, revealing the bottom layer as a background.  Only 20 hours left!
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