skirt by gina sekelsky studioIt's finished!  This is the skirt I wrote about here and here.  And it's my new favorite skirt. skirt detail by gina sekelsky studioI do wish the pattern itself was more varied, but lesson learned for next time.  Since I finished this one, I get all anxious whenever we watch a movie and I don't have something next to me to stitch.  Time to start another one, with a different stencil, in red.
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2 Responses to Skirt, part 3.

  1. Kate Ostrem says:

    It’s darling, Gina! Totally looks like you. With sandals in the summer and tights and boots in the winter – so fun. Congrats on finishing such a big project!

  2. Fabrickated says:

    Great work, and a lovely website. I think this is the only AC garment I have seen that properly (in my view) carries the applique over the seams. Great!

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