gina sekelsky calendar setupA new year always equals a new chance to organize.  Meet my latest idea:  a perpetual wall calendar. gina sekelsky calendar wallThere are certain tasks that I do year in/year out, for both business & home.  And there are other tasks that I get the idea a little too late to execute one year (holiday themed Facebook banner!) that I don't want to overlook the next year.  And then there are all the must-do items, like renewing my business name or my website domain.  And some things sneak up on you when your wallet is getting thin (school clothes shopping!).  So I've started a calendar to keep track, with everything in pencil for now.  The key for me is to not overthink it:  make it happen, see if it helps my workflow, let it go if it doesn't.  (I tried a system of files a couple of years ago, but that was out of sight/out of mind for me.  I let the system go, but hung onto the idea.) gina sekelsky studio calendar detailI'm also using post-it notes for those "this year only" tasks for which I need to allow time in my schedule -- custom projects for customers and administrative stuff.  I chose post-it notes so I could move them to the next month when I need to, and so I can remove them when the task is completed.  (Right now I'm moving them to a stack that I can review at the end of the year...look at me go!)
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