srp logo blog size Welcome to the 5th year of my Summer Reading Program for Grown-ups! To participate, you just need to tell me about five books you've read this summer. (I'll have a couple of fiction titles on my list, and some non-fiction, including one awesome cookbook.) Here's how: srp worksheet by gina sekelsky studio Download the worksheet here: SRP Worksheet by Gina Sekelsky Studio. (I may not have loved them at school, but these days I think worksheets are pretty sweet.) OR, send me an email with the following info: the titles & authors of five books, a mini-review of each (a sentence or two will do it), and your mailing address. Send your book list by August 31st to get this year's prize: 2016 srp prize by gina sekelsky studio Two handwritten book-themed temporary tattoos. (Love them but not going to get around to writing out your book list? You can also purchase the tattoos in my shop.) *Please note, supplies are limited for the prize. First come, first served. If I run out of tattoos, I may substitute another equally-awesome prize. Handwritten, of course! My favorite part? Poring over your lists and choosing what I’d like to read for fall. I’ve added some favorites to my bookshelf thanks to your recommendations the last four years. I'm hoping this will be our best year yet. Ready, set, go!
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