alphabet skirt 01 by gina sekelsky studio I finished my alphabet skirt (and wore it the very next day). alphabet skirt 02 by gina sekelsky studio Last winter I stitched a few skirts for my girl, and put pockets on them. Why have I never done that for my own skirts? Brilliant. alphabet skirt 03 by gina sekelsky studio I sketched the pattern, then painted it freehand with metallic fabric paint. (A necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention kind of thing, not a plan. That's what was available to me at the time so I went for it.) alphabet skirt 04 by gina sekelsky studio All the letters of the alphabet are included + numbers 1-9 + some punctuation. The letter T is the only one that's doubled up (because I stitched a secret code with my thread color and needed an extra T for the message). alphabet skirt 05 by gina sekelsky studio Turns out I love stitching letters. I loved it when I first stitched my Thurman skirt (aka "the poetry skirt") and when I stitched my Longfellow scarf. What's next?
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5 Responses to This week: alphabet skirt.

  1. Tracy says:

    What pattern did you use for your skirt…or was it your own design? It’s awesome!

    • gina says:

      Hi Tracy, the skirt pattern is one that I developed myself, but it’s originally based on the basic four-panel Alabama Chanin skirt. There’s no real front or back to the original pattern so it’s super easy to stitch (and to modify!).

  2. stunning gina, just stunning! tell me, is the entire skirt lined? and if so, is that lining what shows through where the letters are cut? i always wonder if that’s the case, and if so, how you keep it all so smooth when you stitch around the letters before you cut them…secret??

    • gina says:

      Yes, it is stitched in reverse appliqué which requires two layers. (You’re right that when you cut away the inside of the letter, you’re only cutting the top layer of fabric so the lining layer is revealed.) Thanks for your kind words, Sharon!

  3. I just love your Alphabet skirt, Gina! What could be more perfect for Lettergirl? 🙂 The secret code is a brilliant idea! Enjoy! ♡

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