Yesterday as I walked home, I was thinking about how modern life invites us to be storytellers, curators, and experts.  I like to jot notes during the week for what stories I'll tell here on the blog, and then I think of those stories as I'm walking to & from the studio.  But by the time I sit down to write, I've managed to boil my thoughts down to a single sentence or two.  I've begun writing notes for Studio Yearbook Two (yes!) and I am being intentional about trying to include the whole story.  Wish me luck! In the curator department, here are a few things that inspired me this week: Letter from Home by Pat Metheny Alt Summit Keynote Address by Lisa Congdon (confession: I'm only halfway through) A new podcast by Gretchen Rubin And two bits of news from the Expert Division: love your letters by lettergirl blog size I'm putting the finishing touches on not one, but two new online handwriting workshops.  The first is a (long overdue) revision of my popular Love Your Letters Workshop, a basic handwriting improvement course.  The second is a challenge course for those who want to take their writing farther, like writing envelopes: envelopes by gina sekelsky studio I'm hoping to release both classes by the end of the month. gfbc by annalise roberts My favorite gluten-free expert, Annalise Roberts, has released a new cookbook:  Gluten-Free Baking Classics The Heirloom Collection.  Every recipe I've tried by Annalise has been a success, every single one.  I've made several of her recipes repeatedly (vanilla cupcakes, lemon cake, buttermilk biscuits, hamburger buns) and I can't wait to add recipes from the new book to my repertoire.  Over the weekend I tried the Lemon Buttermilk Cake and earlier in the week I made her brioche.  I am grateful for her thorough recipe testing and clear instructions.  Thank you, Annalise!
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