coffee by gina sekelsky studio Last week I had my first official work session for Studio Yearbook Two.  I've been jotting notes since last summer, so I'm all set to hit the ground running.  I am so very happy to have all I learned from creating my first book in my toolbox.  I know it will be hard work (know that more than ever), but I'm starting from a much better place, technically-speaking anyway.  More details to come! connect by gina sekelsky studio Is anyone else still focusing on One Little Word for 2015?  I am part of Ali Edwards' OLW class, but haven't been following any of her prompts (though I dutifully print the lesson each month, just in case I change my mind).  I decided at the beginning of the year that what I wanted most was to connect with my journal.  I used to go through one blank journal every year or two (and once, in a single summer).  I've been using my current journal for seven years and it's still half-empty.  I'm loving that I feel more connected to it this year.  (As for connecting with my appearance, I got a haircut yesterday. Woot.)  Hoping to include more about all of these topics in Studio Yearbook Two. (Except the haircut.) calendar by gina sekelsky studio The retail side of my business always slows down right about now (and stays slow through the summer, boo).  On the upside, I actually had time for some summer planning before summer even starts.  Earlier this year I had so many ideas I wanted to try (some of which I followed through on -- like Love Your Letters Workshops, some of which I haven't finished yet -- like a Skillshare class, and some of which I changed my mind about or never got around to, even with my uber-organization). It helped immensely to put some big calendars on the wall behind my desk.  Sticky notes let me set a goal, but change it if I need to. Yesterday I was on the train for nearly an hour, brought my notebook, and scribbled all sorts of things to add to my summer calendar. This weekend is Memorial Day and I hope you have something fun planned.  We spend a lot of time over the summer in our north woods Airstream.  Usually I get there for the first weekend and wish I'd made a plan for recording the little moments that make the season.  Ta da!  I've put together a little blank book from chipboard and kraft paper so I can jot things down as they happen.  And add photos later of course.  I still love the impromptu scrapbook from our trip to Oregon a few years ago. Happy weekend, everyone!
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2 Responses to This week: getting started on Studio Yearbook TWO.

  1. Dawn Y. says:

    I’m still working on my One Little Word for 2015, Gina! It is definitely my most challenging word ~ ‘present.’ (Being mindful of each moment.) I knew this would be a hard OLW, but I’m trying hard! Although I’ve never taken Ali Edwards’ OLW class, I love her work. My OLWs from the past three years are still important to me, and I think about them so often. I really love your ‘Connect’ page! I know your summer calendars will fill up very quickly and that your journal will fill up with wonderful memories. Happy Summer days! ♡

  2. Bree says:

    Found your blog this week. I’m loving looking at your journaling.

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