BOOK brain on fire by gina sekelsky studio Yesterday I started reading Brain on Fire, Susannah Cahalan's 2012 memoir of living with and nearly dying from a rare autoimmune disorder.  As I've mentioned many times before, I am a slow reader.  Yet here I am on day 2 and page 80.  The story and her writing are so compelling!  Have you read it?  Will I be this captivated till the end? small planner by lettergirl on etsy New in the shop:  the small size version of my downloadable planner.  I sure enjoyed creating the artwork for both of my planners.  Yesterday I finally printed out one of the large planners for myself.  Both planners include printing instructions, tips for organizing (I use a discbound system from Levenger), and creative ideas for using your planner. And because I can't get enough of organizing and list-writing, I'll be sharing more tips here on the blog and on Instagram. planner calendar by gina sekelsky studio The bonus planner sheets (free with purchase by 7/22, $4.00 after that) include some seasonal planning worksheets.  This is one of my favorites!  I like to have the "lay of the land" when I start a new year, or even part of a year.  I poured myself a glass of ice tea, put on some music, and settled in with my new planner worksheet, my planner, my notebooks, and a Uniball Vision pen (another favorite!).  Then it's just a matter of filling in the blanks.  What has to get done each month? What are my priorities?  What else can I fit in? Do I need to generate more work for a particular month? The calendar above is mostly work commitments, though I often add personal projects to my calendar so it's all in one place.  I added asterisks for projects I need to focus on during that month.  I'm working on an extended project with a colleague that will get priority in July and September, and additional time in August and October.  When I look at what's ahead, I feel satisfied that I have enough on my radar to keep me busy (and pay the bills), and enough variety in my work to keep it interesting.  And if I get an idea for something new, I'll have a better sense of whether I should actually make time for it. When I did this exercise in early January, the first few months were jam-packed and then the rest of the year was pretty sparse. So I was happy to start again with just the second half of the year. Really, having a pretty worksheet makes just about any task better!
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  1. amelia says:

    these look so nice. I have been making my own really simple saddle-stitched planners for several years, but this upcoming academic year might actually call for a more complex one like yours. I wonder— would it be possible to print these two-to-a-page and saddle-stitch them all, or is it too fat, do you think? hrrm.

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