BOOK maps by gina sekelsky studioWhat gives? Am I ever going to get back to reading fiction? Usually I spend the summer sharing my fiction reads, but this year I'm all about the non-fiction.  (And it feels pretty good.) Today's read, Maps by Alexsandra Mizielinska & Daniel Mizielinski, is more about looking than reading, perfect if you like maps, little icons, sweetness, and admiring the devotion and work ethic required to put a book like this together.  First of all, it's big.  (When I picked up my reserved copy at the library, it was waiting for me on its own special shelf.)  Each of the 52 maps is charmingly illustrated with tiny illustrations to represent that part of the globe.  I'm getting ready for vacation and don't have the bandwidth to take in the whole book yet, so I have no idea how accurate or trite the little drawings are.  But so far I agree with the Goodreads reviewer who called it "map porn." planner bonus grid by gina sekelsky studioThe bonus pages for my planner are now available for separate purchase.  So if you're not ready to get a whole planner, you can dip your toes in with this little set of seven planning sheets. One page is a simple hand-drawn grid which can be used in so many ways.  Here's my crazy mom use of the grid:  each August I make my kids complete a list of what items they'll be needing for school.  As they've gotten older, I've tried to transfer more of the responsibility to the kids—helping them to be aware of what their needs are, learning to plan ahead, looking at the big picture/budget, etc.  After we get back from vacation, they'll each get a sheet like this to fill out.  (I also make them write out what they'd like to eat in their lunches this year. Tastes change, new things are discovered. I keep those lists on the fridge.) reverse applique vest by gina sekelsky studio It seemed like a great idea at the time. Really, I had finished this shirt, and I wanted something to stitch for our next family movie night.  So I started this vest with what I had on hand, some old black t-shirts and a remnant of peacock blue knit. I'm just at that point in the project where I'm not so sure it really was a great idea.  Doesn't it look just like everything else I've been stitching the last few years? Will my daughter really want to wear it? Will it fit if she does? Meanwhile, I keep stitching, hoping I'll turn the corner and love it in the end.  
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