This week feels like a combination of too many irons in the fire...and not enough. If I set aside a day to explore new work, I often end up dithering, starting, stopping, wasting it. Yesterday I gave myself the day to get my recently rearranged studio back in order; my worktable is mostly tidy by now, but I've still got boxes and piles to sort through. I had so many non-starters (a shelf I assembled that turned out to have a broken part...etc.) and so many things on my personal radar to worry about that I left the studio as a pretty grumpy girl. Today? Right back at it. Putting one foot in front of the other. (That just might be my motto for the year.) fearless by lettergirl on society6 I've finally got a second phone case option up on Society 6. (That makes two.) You can get this art as a print, a pillow, a tote bag, and a variety of phone cases. Hope to have more designs in the coming months. (Let me know if you have a favorite quote....) DJ 002 by gina sekelsky studio Hitting my stride with my 2016 Daily Journal, too!
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