Oh friends, how time is flying! I wake bursting with ideas, I plug away at them, I second-guess myself, I fall, I get up, I keep putting one foot in front of the other, I revisit old ideas, I share things in one place and not another, I lean into a different project for awhile, I clean my worktable, I finish what I started, I share a little more. Hello spring! Hello life as a #girlboss! printable bundle by lettergirl on etsy This is my newest adventure: PDFs you can download and print out over and over again. Everyone knows writing lists and keeping track and making plans is more fun when your paper is pretty, right? (The photo above is for my Printable Bundle: all four sets shown below.) notes printable by lettergirl on etsy 01 The Notes Set has five to-do list pages (in two sizes!). organize printable by lettergirl on etsy 01 The Home Organization Set has three fun sheets for keeping your home in order: a meal planner/shopping list, a password keeper, and a freezer checklist. birthday printable by lettergirl on etsy 01 You can use any of these printables on their own, or put them in a three-ring binder or attach them to a clipboard or insert them into your planner. (I'll have my next School Year Planner ready for you in late May or early June...or mid-June...or late June at the very latest!) address printable by lettergirl on etsy 01 Requests for an old school Address List is what got me started on this journey in the first place. I made two versions: one with room for four addresses on a page (if you write big!) and one with room for five addresses on a page (if you write small!). And of course, I've been reading and teaching and drinking tea. And getting the studio ready for an art crawl in April. Next week I'll be releasing the newest Love Your Letters Workshop. (I'd be oh-so-grateful if you'd help me spread the word.) Whenever I prepare a new workshop it gets me thinking about good old handwriting and how precious it is. And how much I love sharing my passion for penmanship. I just might need to read Philip Hensher's The Missing Ink again. (Which also gets me thinking about the Summer Reading Program...I've got plans on the wall and a prize in the works. I do hope you'll join me this year!)
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