Hello, friends. Remember a few weeks ago when I posed the question, How can I focus on my handwriting art and share all the other things I do and not get muddled in the process? (Thinking on it now, that's how I got here in the first place. By loving so many things, and not being able to choose just one, as I wrote about in the Finding My Voice chapter of Studio Yearbook One.) Yesterday morning I left my too-messy studio and all the  items on my over-long list, and sat in the auditorium at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts listening to artist Lisa Congdon. Afterwards, several of us were able to have lunch with Lisa and pepper her with questions. You know how you read someone's blog and you feel like this person would be your best friend if only they lived next door? I have followed Lisa's blog for years and more than a few of her posts have resonated with me, so I am happy to tell you that she is every bit as delightful and down to earth in person. She spoke briefly about how one of the benefits of being an artist today is that you don't have to choose just one route to creative fulfillment. You really can do lots of things! (And she gave an example, but truly I had tuned out for that because I was so pleased with being given permission to be who I am.) Meanwhile, I met another helpful soul during the break between the talk and the lunch: Jennifer Thompson of Deviant Thinking. Without even being prompted (although it's possible the look on my face was: Help me!), she said how much she admired a certain business leader because he had his finger in so many different pies. (Okay, she didn't say exactly that.) I am seeing this theme of creative-living-renaissance-style only this morning, because yesterday I was focused on other insights and epiphanies. But today I was thinking that I really must post on my blog, and how I haven't felt particularly motivated to do that in the last couple of weeks, so those relevant parts of the day rose to the surface.  I'm officially announcing a blog break for the rest of May as I have other things I want and need to focus on in the coming weeks (a family wedding! my daughter's graduation! lots of company!). I'll be back in early June with the details of this year's Summer Reading Program. In the meantime, I hope you'll follow me on Instagram. I'm still posting photos of my 100 Day Project (wearing handmade every day from April 19-July something), though not every day (since my goal is not to have 100 different things to wear, but simply to wear something made by hand every day). Here are a few posts from the first quarter of the project: 100 days by gina sekelsky studio 07 100 days by gina sekelsky studio 06 100 days by gina sekelsky studio 05 100 days by gina sekelsky studio 04 100 days by gina sekelsky studio 03 100 days by gina sekelsky studio 02 100 days by gina sekelsky studio 01
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3 Responses to This week in the studio.

  1. Enjoy your much-deserved blog break, dear Gina! So happy to hear about all of the happy reasons! I always enjoy your Instagram photos. It’s inspiring to watch you living your life so creatively! ♡

  2. Juway Bhalla says:

    I had mentioned to you on Instagram how excited I was to stumble into you through Elle Luna, I think. I am even more excited after resting this blog as I was saying to a colleague exactly what you have so nicely written this blog. I too am so keen to try a piece of me on all different pies, cross stitch, painting, photography, sketching, gardening, interior decorating, sewing. Just so grateful I am to have a found a piece of me in you. Thank you

  3. Juway Bhalla says:

    After reading* (correction to the above) this blog

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